Neuromuscular re-education works to restore balance and functionality to muscles, tendons, connective tissue, fascia. When there is an injury or an “incident” (think of silly ponies playing in the pasture), the body has inflammatory response by laying down adhesions. These injuries can be virtually imperceptible and so minor that we dismiss it almost immediately. These areas can be quite small, but these adhesions pull the body out of balance. We don’t always feel the adaptions their bodies make to allow them to continue to perform the “job”.

The muscles/tendons begin to stretch and hit a wall (the adhesion) and then the muscle then contracts to prevent further stretching and to protect the area. This is what restricts the mobility and causes imbalance. Using different massage techniques, along with other modalities like myofascial release, I work with the body to release the restrictions caused by the adhesions and restore balance, strength and range of motion.