What is PEMF therapy?   PEMF stands for “pulsed-electromagnetic field” therapy.   And rather than recreate the wheel and give an abbreviated version, the below information is directly from (copied with permission)


What can PEMF do for your Horse?

  • PEMF enhances a bodies ability to HEAL ITSELF at the CELLULAR LEVEL
  • PEMF Can be used anywhere on the body... 
    to treat the whole body or specific areas or injuries
  • PEMF is non-invasive, not painful and does not require sedation or 
    veterinary assistance to perform
  • PEMF can improve performance, range of motion, speed & strength
  • PEMF reduces inflammation and relieves pain
  • PEMF may accelerate healing from injury & illness 2-3 times faster
  • PEMF can help manage chronic conditions such as arthritis or Cushing's disease without damaging DRUGS
  • PEMF can be used to loosen and supple a horse physically
  • PEMF can be used to calm and relax a horse mentally... even right before going in the show ring
  • PEMF is actually the deepest form of massage... a cellular massage which penetrates deeper than massage, laser or shockwave
  • PEMF can treat areas not easily reached by other methods... 
    including the psoas muscle
  • PEMF can be used to treat and prevent a variety systemic illnesses by stimulating cellular metabolism and improving immunity
  • PEMF can be done at the show or racetrack, right before or after athletic events, as well as, used at home as regular, preventive therapy
  • PEMF treatments are not physically demanding on the practitioner and a whole body equine treatment can be done in just 30-45 minutes
  • PEMF can be used effectively on Horses, People and other Animals

Here are just some of the conditions treated with PEMF

  • Performance Stress & Body Soreness
  • Soreness of the Back, Stifle, Joints, Neck, Poll, TMJ, Shoulder or Hooves
  • Soft Tissue Injuries - Bruised or torn Muscles, Tendons & Ligaments
  • Hoof Abscess, Stone Bruises (Relief usually in just 1- 3 sessions)
  • Conditions of Age - Arthritis, Cushings Disease
  • Systemic Illness, Immunity Issues
  • Anhidrosis(Inability to sweat normally, usually resolved in just 1-2 sessions)
  • Digestive Issues
  • Wounds from Surgery or Injury including Non-Healing Wounds 
  • Bone issues - Normal and Non-healing fractures
  • Laminitis, EPM or Founder
  • Lackluster Health or Performance
  • Improve Behavioral Issues associated with Stress, Mental Tension and Pain
  • Faster Recovery from Performance, Illness or Injury

This technology is one of the few that has true independent clinical trials and scientifically proven to provide results.  

Success stories:  

Pongo had a suspensory tear on his left front.   The vets had prescribed stall rest with hand walking, bute, and he received 2 treatments of shockwave.   He was had ultrasounds to check the healing several times and after receiving five (5) 90 minute sessions over a 3 week period, the lesion in the suspensory was complete gone with no evidence of scarring or calcification.   The vet did not have to perform the 3rd shockwave treatment and had difficulting finding where the original injury was – having to ask the client and referring back to notes and pictures.     “Hey!! Vet came today and his lesion is GONE! We couldn’t find it at all!!! I’m SO happy!! Thanks for all you did to help!”   (Carli B.D)

Marley had some swelling in his hock and was walking on his toe, and was essentially non-weight bearing on the left hind.   Upon an ultrasound, he was diagnosed with a silver-dollar sized hole in his gastrocnemius tendon.   The original recovery time was estimated at 3 months of stall rest with another 6-9 months of rehabilitation beginning with hand-walking building up to regular work. PEMF therapy was started immediately and after four (4) 90 minute sessions over a 10-day period, the ultrasound was repeated.   Not only was there no evidence of the injury, the horse was completely sound and allowed to start rehabilitation under saddle immediately.   (Amy N.)

Honey is a QH mare with a possible older deep digital tendon tear. The tear was significant and the prognosis was for a return to regular work was grim. The vets were unable to determine how long the tear had been present but the tissue indicated it was an older injury.   After four (4) 45 minute sessions plus one full body session, the vets repeated the ultrasound.   Honey showed great improvement and the lesion is closed and the lobe of the tendon had shrunk.   She is still sore and the rehabilitation will take some time but she has a chance to return to regular work. “The ultrasound showed that the lesion had filled in and that lobe of the tendon is slightly smaller, though he didn’t have the past ultrasound to compare on hand. Yay!! She is still really sore at the trot so it will take time. They are going to email both sets of ultrasounds – I’ll forward them to you.” (Alyssa)

Gracie is an Appendix that was cast in her stall back in January, causing deep lacerations in her right hind pastern and her left front knee.   The knee injury was severe and considered catastrophic and included tendon tears, severe soft tissue damage, and bone chips.   After a narcoleptic episode, she reinjured the knee and all the previous healing over a 3 month period was undone.   The mare was in foal and due to foal out any day.   She had a healthy foal the morning following the narcoleptic episode.   The vets recommended doing all they could to keep the foal on the mare for as long as possible.   The mare was not even close to giving up.   The clients opted to try stem cell therapy via amnion patches (placenta) and after one week, she was showing some improvement.   We began PEMF therapy to help reduce swelling, accelerate healing and provide relief for muscle fatigue in the rest of her body.   The results have been nothing short of amazing.   What took over 3 months to begin to heal has healed in 6 weeks.   She has a long way to go but the vets now believe she will be pasture sound and be able to be a broodmare again in time. Photos are posted on the Equine Kneads FB page under the album “Gracie”.